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Don Leady/tailgators/Rockin Revue: Guestbook

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August 18, 2016

Thanks for brilliant music over the last 30 years - ever since I found Swamp Rock.It's still my one of my favourite albums and sounds as fresh as ever!

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August 4, 2016


July 21, 2016

John (Atlanta, GA)

July 7, 2016

Hi Don, are The Tailgators still playing? Haven't seen your band in years ... but would love to.


June 20, 2016

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Carl Hockersmith

January 12, 2016

Dear Mr. Leady, I do hope you will tour and play in 2016. Take care. Carl Hockersmith

Rob Harring

October 24, 2015

Luv your stuff Don just awesome thanks much!

John Miles

September 20, 2015

Hi Don,
I can't tell you how happy I was last night to see you on YouTube doing Tailgators music again! My wife and I have been huge fans since the 80's. Your band is great and I can't believe that kid's musical vocabulary on guitar. He fits in so well with your always tasteful playing. Please put out a CD!

Paul Doubrava

August 27, 2015

Don't wanna lose track of this great musician again. Hope I get down to Austin soon to catch a gig, even if it's just a day trip. Thanks for the memories and the good times!

Leslie Peterson

August 23, 2015

Please send updates regarding tour dates, your calendar and venues. Look forward to seeing you soon. Thanks!

stew whitehurst

July 5, 2015

this band i have liked since mid 80s i wish they would come east , this is a great sound i would like to get more music from live shows to anything solo ..
keep it going guys , mutual friends THE FARMERS !!
be safe

Ted Woods

April 18, 2015

Wink told us to stay and it was definitely worth it! Enjoyed the show! I have joined your email list so we can catch you guys again.

Randy Roley (A.K.A.: DJ CyberMusicLover)

October 19, 2014

I hardly even know where to begin. I really see The Tail Gators as "Legendary" in the "Swamp Rock" "Rockabilly" genres! I have worked at several Internet Radio Stations in the past and I have always made certain that I played your music on every show I had done! Mumbo Jumbo and Swamp Rock will always be my favorite Albums even though all of your music is fantastic!!! Anyhow, I am listening to your Music now! It is feel good music! R.I.P. Keith!

Andy Butler

October 13, 2014

There are two or three tracks that are always in my top 5 - Otis Redding's always there, as are the Undertones, the Beach Boys, The Stones and Dylan. 'Rock'nRoll till the Cows Come Home' is up there too.What a brilliant, brilliant track. Any gigs in the UK?


July 7, 2014

playing ok lets go on the turntable now!great!!greetings from belgium...


July 5, 2014

I am still listening to the Tail Gators on my records they are so GREAT.


March 24, 2014

Was music surfin and don leady came up. Have to say you guys rocked the house, blew the roof off at the Tucson El Casino Ballroom with the Ponty Bone in 88!!!! What a night

Bob Grotke

October 5, 2013

I just bought your latest album of instrumentals Hillbilly Boogie Surfin Blues and enjoy it. I've been a big fan since the early 80's LeRoi Bros. and Tailgators days and have most of the records from then. I get to Austin as often as I can and hope to catch you sometime if you're still playing live gigs. It's good to hear that you're still active because I hadn't heard anything in a while.

Johnny Brent

May 29, 2013

Don, you are the best! I saw you with the Le Roi Bros. here in Ann Arbor, MI and The Tailgators way back in about 1994 (or thereabouts) in Dearborn, MI. What a show!! I was in Austin a couple of years ago and saw your old buddy, Steve Doerr, when he was playing with Charles Thibodeaux at the Evangeline Cafe (great food, by the way) and he said something to the effect that you were a new daddy. Congratulations, if I heard right. Hope to catch you sometime in the future on a stage somewhere in Austin.


March 31, 2013

Just got the new? Hillbilly Boogie Surfin Blues disk (from Warterloo), and love it. Hope to see some (local) dates on your Calendar soon. Best, LD

mike caldwell

March 1, 2013

don, you have been a great inspiration to me as a blues strat player.. love all the lei roi stuff and gators. love the current youtubes too..someday historians will look at austin after the vaughans and see what a magic time it was. way too many great guitar player to mention but all gifted and magical


August 27, 2012

How many double dates and gals did we pick up at gigs back in the 60s?Great times out at Cottons in st charles mo. as well as many too numerous to mention. Don you were then and will always be one of the finest musisions to play in ST Lou and you will always be my buddy.. take care and stay in touch your pal Lee


April 17, 2012

Yeah man !!!!!!!!!!! One of my favorite players !!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff Williamson

March 6, 2012

Hey Don!
Say,when ya'gonna' put something together
and get down to Houston?Fitzgerald,s has
changed,just not the same,Sarah sold the joint!The Contenintal is the next best thang'Anyway sure would like to hear some of those Good Rockin'sound's you do so damn well!!How's the LeRoi's,Tailgator"s??

Vince Layton

January 20, 2012

Hey, Don. Just thinking about you. Hope all is well and I catch you at a gig someday.

Isla Ross

December 28, 2011

Howdy from Seattle!

Jeff Smith

February 13, 2011

One of my best memories in the eighties was seeing the Tailgators at Greenstreet's in Columbia S.C. After the show Don and the boys and me and a couple of friends piled in their white van and went over to Group Therapy for several Black and Tan's. The headache the next day was worth it. I just wish I could find some tabs of Pick up that Deck and others so I can learn some of the best music ever written. Thanks for the memories Don.
Jeff Smith


December 30, 2010


Thomas G. Farrell

November 29, 2010

I looked you up on youtube today, and boy you still can hit some wicked licks on the guitar. My wife, Thuy, and I are avid fans of Tommy Emmanuel, have seen him several times in person in the OKC area. He is truly one of the greatest living guitarists. He often comments on the impact Chet Atkins had on his life and career.

As for me, as I mentioned, I finally got married for the first time in June 2008, and had I known where you were, you would have played at my wedding! I'm very active as a petroleum geologist looking for oil and gas in Oklahoma.

Jim and Ed are retired. Ed lost his wife to cancer about a decade ago, but Jim and his wife Jedda are doing great with their children and grandchildren. Jim was recently inducted into the Vianney High School Hall of Fame, for his work as a coach and an architect/drafting teacher.

I don't have children, many nieces and nephews through my wife's family. Jim has two girls and seven grandchildren, but Ed has no children. I met my wife through our church choir, which we are both members, and we got together in Rome, Italy. She is Vietnamese, high soprano, and a novelist and memoir writer, but she is working for DHS, child welfare, as a state employee. We have two mutts that keep us busy.

Remember Zita and Marsha Littiken? I saw Zita last year at my 50th high school reunion (Mercy) and drove by the old neighborhood and saw my house and yours.
Also, we met up with Zita and Tony, her husband, in Las Vegas last year and had a ball!!!

Don, I always remember how fast you took to the guitar. It was amazing! After only a few lessons you were on your way to really mastering the instrument.
I will try to keep in touch with you from time to time when I can think of more things to tell you about. Please keep in touch.


Thomas G Farrell

November 28, 2010

Remember me in St. Louis when you introduced me to Chet Atkins and the guitar? So glad you're doing well with such a great talent. I live in OKC, and just got married for the first time in 2008. My brothers, Jim and Ed, still live in the St. Louis area, and we love Tommy Emmanuel. Look us up if you're ever in the OKC or St. Louis area.

Gary Smith (Drummer)

October 7, 2010


St. Louis - Rememember the Hitch Hikers - Lee Johnson(Vocals), Mark Woodson(bass), Gary Smith(Drums), Rich Stephens(Sax) and others that I can't remember. Good to see you still working.

Glen Worley

August 12, 2010

Hey Don,
So, channelling Robert Johnson in the photo, eh? Have you been to the Crossroads? Great to hear that you are out there. Hope to see you soon. You come see my band, too! As Ben Franklin said, "We must hang together, lest we hang separately!" Besides, I know where all the bodies are buried!
Glen (The Rattlecats - The Rivals - and now The Soulphonics!)

john nichols

June 27, 2010

HI Don-I saw you with Keith in SF at the club on Clement (Last Day Saloon maybe) back in the 90s and talked to Keith awhile-I have a trio in SF at the Gold Dust Lounge, a helluva dive, and we do some of your tunes like Chase the Devil and Ride of the Ruthless. You're a great writer and player so thanks. Lots of people dig you guys and all your records cook like the most. We are Johnny Z and the Camaros

Bill Minutaglio

June 12, 2010

Don is a dynamite musician and a hell of a nice guy. If he is playing, anywhere, you need to run out and hear him - he is a guitar player's guitar player. Check out his incredible recorded work. I got to know him a bit when I was lucky enough to book his Alamo Suite lineup for a big magazine party in Austin. They blew everyone away, including all the previously uptight magazine kingmakers who had flown in from New York. And when he gigs at Matt's El Rancho (with Kaz on the horns!!) you basically can get to hear Texas music royalty. Don is the best.


January 16, 2010

i am a big fan of don's work. leroix (sp?) bros @ texas union summer 1984. taigators all over the place. don is a great guitarist. he's got a rockabilly heart!

Tony Gonzalez

August 26, 2009

Hey, Don! I'm Ricks nephew (your drummer). Was brought up on Tailgators music my dad played all the time. I'm 29 and it's still the rocking-est sound around. Nothing else will do. Living in Senatobia, Ms, 35 miles South of Memphis.
So let me know when you get ready to come to Memphis.
Thanks for the music and keep rocking and rolling "till the cows come home."

Paul Doerr

April 29, 2009

Hey Don!

You know that you are still like family and always will be! You have no idea how magical you and Steve were together. I can tell you that the Doerrs still rock to Check This Action to this day! That recording is totally unique. I hope someday you and Steve will reform for one more recording! Please! Always a fan and friend! Take care chigger!

Paul Doerr

Robert Tramel

April 18, 2009

Thanks so much for all the great music. I only lived in Austin 1 year in 1987 but I caught you every time I had a chance. I feel so fortunate to have been able to do this. They are sweet memories that I will take to my grave.


Alex Alexander

April 14, 2009

Hi, Don!
Glad to see you're still active in the Austin music scene! Used to enjoy seeing the LeRois and Gators so much - many great memories. Question: Your first band - the Ramblers...Was that name a take off on the Rumblers? Maybe painfully obvious but I just made the connection after all these years. I know you were a big Rumblers fan b/c you mentioned it at a show one night, and because of your guitar sound. How far off am I on that one? Again, keep making those great swamp sounds!
Alex Alexander